Color Masterbatch
Application of products: PLA, PBS, PBAT, starch, Calcium carbonate with PLA membrane, injection product, extrusion raw material, etc.
It can be decomposed by the action of living organisms usually microbes into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.
  • No detrimental component
  1. No dioxin-like compounds when burning
  2. By using harmless material, the product will not contaminate the soil during the decomposition
  • Meet BPI (US)/ DIN CERTCO (EU)/ JBCA (Japan) standard
  1. Our specification and material conform to FBCA (Our masterbatch has a recordal in JBCA GP/PL)
  2. Meet the standard for heavy metal content in BPI, DIN CERTCO, JBCA
  • Easily used 
         This product is a good coloring agent that can be used for biodegradable materials.
  • While coloring, it will not affect the speed of decomposition.
  Diaphaneity/ translucent

Aside from the color above, customers can provide the number of Pantone Color. If you require for other color, please contact us.