MOPLA Injection Molding
non- contamination, non- residue, non- toxic, harmless, heat- resisting, waterproof and oil proof
   Our MOPLA products can replace most of the plastic injection products, and can solve the problems of waste treatment and greenhouse gas discharge. Also, it can help save energy and reduce carbon emission.
   The products will not cause damage to the environment, and they will biodegrade after three months to two years approximately.
  • Ecological
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Feel at ease to use
  • No causing contamination
  • Reduce 40% carbon emission 
Our MOPLA break through the limit of PLA.
  • Easily manufacture
  • Reduce the cost
  • Highly improve the flexibility
  • Maximum working temperature ( -40°C to 120°C )